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Chair Boris Vannière (CNRS, France) co-Chair Jennifer Marlon (Yale University) Scientific Steering Committee Mitchel Power (University of Utah) Daniele Colombaroli (University of Bern) Anne-Laure Daniau (CNRS, France) Olivier Blarquez (Université de Montréal) ECR group leaders Colin Courtney-Mustaphi (University of York,

Focus Groups

Focus Group A: Fire baselines by biome Coordinator Anne-Laure Daniau, CNRS, Université de Bordeaux, France Fire is projected to increase in specific regions of the globe in response to a concomitant global warming and regional dryness due to high levels

Crosscutting Initiatives

Crosscutting Initiative 1: Asian & Africa paleofire challenges Coordinator Mitchell Power, University of Utah, USA The “geographical challenge” is a crosscutting initiative in the GPWG2 activities that has to be considered as a critical point in the geographical development of