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A 21 000-Year History of Fire (Power, 2013)

This chapter provides a global perspective on palaeofire activity through the analysis of over 650 stratigraphic sedimentary charcoal records spanning the last 21000 years. Regional time series analysis provides empirical evidence for global-scale trends in fire since the last glacial

Predictability of biomass burning in response to climate changes (Daniau et al. 2012)

Climate is an important control on biomass burning, but the sensitivity of fire to changes in temperature and moisture balance has not been quantified. We analyze sedimentary charcoal records to show that the changes in fire regime over the past

Fire in the earth system (Harrison 2010)

Fire is an important component of the Earth System that is tightly coupled with climate, vegetation, biogeochemical cycles, and human activities. Observations of how fire regimes change on seasonal to millennial timescales are providing an improved understanding of the hierarchy

Fire regimes during the Last Glacial (Daniau 2010)

Sedimentary charcoal records document changes in fire regime.We have identified 67 sites (30 sites with better than millennial resolution) which have records for some part of the Last Glacial to analyse changes in global fire regimes. Fire was consistently lower