Fire history Baselines by biome

September 25 – 29, 2016 (near Bordeaux, France)

We are pleased to announce an open call for letters of interest to participate in a workshop on “Fire history baselines by biome.
All research scientists with an interest in paleofire and/or vegetation relationships for the last climatic cycle are invited to apply to attend.
But a limited number of places are available. Early career scientists and researchers from developing countries who work on the topic of paleofire are especially encouraged to apply.

The workshop is organized as part of a CNRS-PICS-funded project called “Investigating controls of orbital changes in biomass burning at the biome-level”, and is the first workshop of the PAGES’s Global Paleofire Working Group phase 2 which aims to merge global paleofire records with global Earth system models to understand how vegetation and climate controls fire during abrupt and transient climate changes.

(1) Identify where and/or when climate change implies systematic shifts of fire regimes across different biomes
(2) Identify processes causing fire regimes to change by comparing associated changes in vegetation
(3) Determine whether a change in a fire regime leads or lags vegetation changes
(4) Identify thresholds and reversibility of changes in fire regimes
(5) Identify the resilience of vegetation in response to a change in fire regime

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To apply: email to
We need your name, position, affiliation and a short paragraph (15 lines) explaining why you would like to attend the workshop, what you hope to contribute to the efforts, and what you are most interested in studying. Please note whether you will need funding support to attend the workshop. Deadline for applications is February 15, 2016.

Location: Château de la Tour
2 avenue de la Libération – 33410 Beguey, FRANCE