New GPWG Policy Brief released: Informing fire policy and biodiversity conservation

2019/20 have been exceptional years for highly devastating, catastrophic fires. The destructive Amazon rainforest and Australian fires got attention in the media worldwide, raising debates about consequences of future wildfires in a warmer world. Members of the PAGES Global Paleofire Working Group (GPWG) together with other 30 international colleagues from all over the world recently released a Policy Brief discussing how the integration of traditional ecological knowledge and long term ecology could better support the evidence base for future decisions on fire policy and biodiversity conservation.

You can download the full report from PAGES here:

This Policy Brief results from a previous PAGES workshop hosted by the RHUL Geography Department and supported by PAGES, the Quaternary Research Association (QRA), and CNRS/Université de Franche-Comté. Read the full story here:

We plan to extend this initiative in Fire Policy with new ones related to specific regions of the World. If interested in getting involved, contact: Daniele Colombaroli (daniele.colombaroli(at)

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