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Conference abstracts

4th International Fire Congress: 30 Nov – 04 Dec 2009

Fires of the Past: local to global perspectives on biomass burning since the Last Glacial Maximum Power et al.


AGU: 15-19 December 2008

Science workshop on Past, present and future climate change: 10-12 November 2008


INQUA: 28 July-3 August 2007

  • Modelling palaeofires: ensemble simulations of fire regimes and trace gas emissions at the Last Glacial Maximum and during the Mid-Holocene Harrison et al.
  • North American Fire Regimes, Vegetation Patterns, and Climate Changes Since the Last Glacial Maximum Marlon et al.
  • Biomass burning since the LGM: a global synthesis of fire activity based on the analyses of charcoal data Power et al.
  • Biomass burning in tropical ecosystems of South America since the Last Glacial Maximum: a regional palaeofire synthesis based on sedimentary charcoal data Power et al.
  • How do differences in charcoal quantification, basin type, and fuel characteristics affect charcoal records? Power et al.

AAG 17-21 April 2007

  • Global Fire-History Since the Last Glacial Maximum: Syntheses and Data-Model Comparisons
    Marlon et al.

QUEST Open Science Conference: 26-28 March 2007

  • Palaeofires: observations and simulations of the impact of climate change on biomass burning
    Power et al.


AGU: 11-15 December 2006

  • Global Paleofire History Since the Last Glacial Maximum: Syntheses and Data-Model Comparisons (poster) Marlon et al.